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The Popularity of Online Pokies

The popularity of online pokies has taken an exceptional level in the history or online gaming. People around the world couldn’t get their hands off the spin button every time they log-in on an online casino site. There are two reasons for this: the pokie game is so entertaining and the player is relentlessly waiting for that one spin to the jackpot. These two factors are enough to get both online gamers and gamblers glued to the game screen for hours and hours of game play.

Add to these factors are the never-ending launching of new and exciting pokie games with graphics and sounds that are sure to amaze the players. Innovations on the themes, story lines, characters and special effects have been the focus of most game developers. They never stop thinking of creative ways to captivate the interest of the online pokie players.

Australia is one of the many countries known to have an overwhelming response to online gaming in general and online pokies specifically. The increasingly growing popularity of Australian pokies is a testament to such gigantic customer base. One reason for such patronage is the fact that online pokies give players a better return for their investment or bankroll. Online pokies australia give much-higher percentage payouts than other online casino games. This alone lures players into the game as they try and make big bucks while enjoying the game.

Some of the best online pokie games are found in Australia and access to these best designed games is fast and easy. Just hook up your desktop or laptop to an internet connection and you are ready to open the gates of incredible online casino sites offering hundreds upon hundreds of online pokie games for your entertainment. Australian online pokie games offer a lot of perks and freebies enticing enough to get you to step into their casino sites and try their online games. In many cases, first time players are given the chance to play the game for free for an allocated time.

If these are not enough to prove the popularity of online pokies, check out the many casino sites flooding the world wide web and see for yourself where online pokies is right now.

Online Casino Primer: Darts

Casino software providers continue to develop online casino games which cater to the needs of online players. These games that they create are not only those which are under the category of more games such as blackjack, roulette, pokies, baccarat, craps and poker. There are also those games which are not as popular as those mentioned, but fun and fascinating, still. One such game is darts.
Darts is not particularly a casino game in real life. It is a sport that can be played in pubs in some countries. However, the fascination and interest that people place on the game is undeniable. Playtech took this in consideration and developed two casino games based on darts. Both are fixed odds but only one has a progressive jackpot. These two casino games are known as Darts and Jackpot Darts. The latter one is the dart game that has a progressive jackpot. These games are located under the Arcade section at most online casinos that Playtech power up. 
The play structure of this particular casino game is as follows: As with most casino games, you first have to define the wagers you wish to play on a particular round. You are allowed three kinds of wagers in this game and they are described as follows:

The first wager stipulates that the three darts that you would throw need to hit some specific section on the board. This circular board is arranged at the center screen of the game. The sections provided in the game are the single rings, double rings, treble rings, Inner Bull and Outer Bull. 

The second and more complicated wager stipulates that some specific combination is going to be hit by your darts. This combination should be hit some number of times, ranging from 0 to 3. Combinations can be based on the colors or rings which represent different sections on the dart board. 

The third wager stipulates that the total score of all the darts you shot is equal to a certain value. Each section of the dart board is equivalent to some value. Ranges of points are selected in this third wager instead of specific values. You win the wager if your darts fall into the selected range you've chosen..

You place your desired bet by choosing a chip denomination located on the lower part of the window and clicking on the section on the dart board you wish to wager on. The odds for every section are displayed in the Bet Odds section of the game. This is seen for each board section while your mouse hovers over them. You can either choose to display the odds in decimal or fraction form. You are not restricted to a single bet per round since multiple wagers are allowed in this game. 
The game officially starts once you've completed placing your wagers and you click on the Bet button. A disembodied hand then throws three darts on the dart board. The payouts that you may have received from your wagers are explicitly displayed in the Results section of the game. You can choose to check out this payout or enhance it by playing on the gamble game. In this gamble game, a different board and dart is used. The payouts (loss) for such a bonus is increased or decreased depending on where the darts would land in the board section.